McDowell Mountain Music Festival

The 2014 McDowell Mountain Music Festival (MMMF) attracted music lovers and fans of craft beer alike to a 3-day weekend of good spirited fun and festivities on March 28-30, at Hance Park in downtown Phoenix.

Deschutes Brewery, family-owned from Bend, Ore., provided the beer garden, pouring for the second year in a row at MMMF. Proceeds from the beer sales went to support local charities Phoenix Children’s Hospital and UMOM.

Deschutes Beer Garden at MMMF

The beers offered by Deschutes included their Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Deschutes River Ale, Chainbreaker White IPA, Black Butte Porter and the highly enjoyable Fresh Squeezed IPA to the 21 and over crowd and all seemed very pleased with the beer selection.

The Fresh Squeezed IPA is best described as a mouthwateringly delicious IPA that gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops. Don’t worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer, but it sure is tasty!

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

“The brewery here is so good. The Chainbreaker White IPA was awesome and we’ve had a lot of fun at MMMF over the weekend,” said attendee Nathan Nahouraii.

Deschutes Merchandise Manager Colby Nightingale said, “We’ve been really well received here. People really loved the beer and we’ve taught many people about the brewing process and the ingredients used in our beer.”

The beer garden held an open format throughout the park so attendees were free to explore the festival and hear the bands play while enjoying a beer at the same time. There were several beer trucks lined up serving cold craft beers, as well as “Woody”, the Deschutes traveling bar that often accompanies the Deschutes Brewery staff to events like this.

Chelsea at MMMF at Deschutes Woody Bar

Field Marketing & Events Manager, Angela Jasus said, ”We love to meet and work with people face-to-face to share our stories with them at events. It’s fun to be out talking to people about our beer and how it was made.”

We felt very welcomed by everyone at Deschutes and we hung out at the Deschutes tent and talked about craft beer and upcoming beer events for hours.

Deschutes Brewery Tent at MMMF

“Our mission statement is to create extraordinary experiences, as well as introduce new people to our beer. It’s been a lot of fun this weekend at MMMF and everyone seems to really like our beer,” said Nightingale.

Playing beer games with Deschutes Brewery at MMMF

We suggest if you liked Deschutes beer at MMMF, look for them on the shelves of your local grocery or liquor store and introduce your friends to a new and delicious craft beer. To find the closest possible Deschutes beer in your zip code, use this nifty beer finder tool at!

Stay tuned because Deschutes has plans for more events in Arizona this fall!

Deschutes Brewery University

Join them in Tucson this October, for Deschutes Brewery University (DBU), where the brewery sets up a “Base Camp for Beer Fanatics” for a week, holding activities for beer lovers like tap takeovers, brewer’s classes and tips on how to taste beer.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted with more details on DBU as the event draws closer and we hope to see you there!

Check out the Deschutes Brewery website for more information on their delicious brews!

Deschutes Brewery