By: Dan Radak

Beer tasting

Preparing beer for tasting is of the same importance as choosing the right lager, ale or stout for your picky tongue buds. To make sure that your beer is completely ready for use and that your tongue and mind are at the same frequency, you need to take care of the temperature at which you keep the beer, the food that you eat before consuming your favourite beer, the glass that beer will be served in and many other details.

Mind the temperature.

It makes a difference what part of the fridge you leave your beer in and not to mention how important it is to adjust the temperature of the fridge to the right degree. Basically, you have to be careful about the type of beer you are going to consume. Lagers are usually served colder, while ales and stouts should be kept at lower temperatures, since their flavours and tastes are richer and you do not want your fridge to kill all the nice smells and tastes of your dark beer. So, when it comes to lagers, the optimal temperature is 40°-45°F and ales should be kept at the temperature between 45°-50°F. Also, pay attention to the glasses that your beer is poured into. If the glasses have been at room temperature, the beer will very soon reach the same temperature. In order to preserve the coolness of darker beers, it is a good idea to put the glasses to the fridge for a while, but not to close to the icy areas.

Avoid spices to enjoy the beer.

Many people eat various snacks when drinking beer. The most popular ones are definitely peanuts and chips. However, if you overdo with spicy snacks, you will not be able to enjoy your beer to the full extent. If you are about to have lager, then mild snacks can come into consideration. However, consuming stouts and various flavoured beer (with roast coffee or malt) should be drunk without eating any richly spiced snacks or any other sort of chili-inspired meals.

No cigarettes before drinking beer.

Although, we see many people smoke tobacco and drink beer at the same time, that should be avoided when it comes to fully enjoying your beer. Tobacco and nicotine both have a very strong taste and smell. Since you engage all your senses when tasting beer (except for hearing), you could actually kill a lot of positive vibrations that beer might be emitting while drinking. So as to prevent suffocating your senses, avoid smoking and having beer at the same time. However, if you are drinking only a third-class lager, you can smoke whatever you want. In that case, the tobacco will help you in the beer drinking process. Also, some cigars match perfectly some dark beers, since their aromas fit each other.

The light matters.

Speaking of senses, tasting beer includes smell, (mouth) taste and sight. We all like to watch beer while we are drinking it. It comes from the fact that people naturally check what they are going to put into their mouths. When it comes to beers, eyes simply enjoy observing the colour and texture of the beer that is about to be poured down the throat. And just think of all the bubbles dancing up the glass. They certainly have possess some sort of hypnotizing power. That is why adequate lighting is also one of the preconditions for full pleasure when tasting beer.

Author’s bio: Dan Radak is passionate beer lover, especially home grown beer, he is also a web writer and co-author on several websites. In his free time he’s digging through the web in search for the best home brew supplies..