By Charissa Heckard



Good beer is a way of life, a good craft beer is a necessity.”

We are happy to announce Kristi Trimmer will now be the spokesperson for Adventures in Brew. Kristi will be touring breweries in the United States and will be tasting all kinds of beer and speaking with brewers.

Kristi has been a lover of craft beer for a while now. When she was younger she didn’t understand how people would drink the lager American beers that were sold by the caseload. Her family thought she was the weird one when she would only drink dark beers.

KristiTrimmerKristi enjoys a good stout, a creamy porter, and admits to a deep love affair with ciders. She can’t stay away from Witbiers or Hefes. She says IPAs are not her current favorites but that might always change!

Kristi is a full-time travel blogger and last year would pull the map out and travel to the closest brewery. She enjoys seeing behind the scenes during brewery tours and sharing little known facts about the beer with her community.

“I’m excited about going all over the US to taste different beers and ask the brew masters why they brew what they do and find out the back story on the beer,” Kristi said.

Some breweries on her list are Stone Brewery, Deschutes Brewery, Fort George Brewery and Hilcrest Brewery.

“I think my first stop will be Stone Brewery and I will be visiting San Diego soon so I will stop by breweries out there,” said Kristi. “I am going to be a busy little bee!”

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